Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart is already a great song. Emily Johnson provided the lyrics and Narada Michael Walden wrote the music. The American composer and producer has worked with Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Sister Sledge, Mariah Carey, Al Jarreau and Whitney Houston. "I went to his studio thanks to my artistic godfather, John McLaughlin," says Emily. “One thing was sure that the former drummer of the Mahavishnu Orchestra would be able to take me to new limits."

Well said! Narada does not merely offer Emily a remarkable melody which, through her lyrics and her power, share to perfection her message of peace and tolerance. No, he goes so far as to produce the title, urging his protégé to give the very best that she has in her voice  

"He revealed it to me. No more; no less! I thought I was a glamorous a little jazzy style singer but he pushed me into a more rocky accents, a more raw voice, giving me a new breath that covered my voice with warmth and a power which I did not think I was capable of producing before I heard the last mix of the song Open your heart! "

Open Your Heart will soon be an album - Emily's first. She will sing other songs composed by Narada. She will add more personal songs, played, arranged, transcended by some "studio giants" from around the world. At the heart - rhythm, emotion, beautiful moments pop-rock, soul or r'n'b ... 

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