First steps

Emily is a mix worth to be different by colour. Different also in her sensitivity: "I often told myself that the soul of Africa inhabits my body and my voice when I dance and sing."

The revelation

She could have suffered from these differences. Her mother, Mariana, would teach her not only to embrace them but to show them proudly. "My mother always cultivated a certain originality. She dressed me in bright colours when the much of the country sought the anonymity of gray and black. She listened to American music when 

to the authorities of my country, everything that came from America was somehow not right.

Emily’s childhood is full of the rhythms of Boney M and Earth Wind & Fire. Then one day there was the shock, actually an earthquake: "I never knew how she got it but one day my Mom brought me The album of Michael Jackson “Thriller”.  A fan was born, unconditional, unrelenting and that was Emily.

The bohemian life

The King of the Pop decided her artistic vocation. "It made me want to one day be on stage”. So, at 14, she joined the Diva Dance Company - the country's best dance company. Four years later, she signed her first song. There followed multiple experiences in advertising, cinema, theatre and television where she hosted a show on the Seventh Art. Its first successes garnered the interest of the label Universal Music that proposed her to record an album ... . "English only, sorry!" However, the idea of making a career in music became the goal .It is in France that she chose to pursue her dream.

The beginnings were difficult but Emily persisted. Selected for the famous TV show “Star Academy” In 2005, and “Nouvelle Star” she turned down the offer at the last moment for fear of losing her artistic and creative freedom. She continued her journey with humility, focusing on the basics, improving her voice until gradually finding her way. She formed a band, created her play list and began performing private events.    It was during one of these performances that she is spotted by The Legend of jazz and world music: the English guitarist John McLaughlin. With him, all of a sudden, History is accelerating.

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