John McLaughlin would tell you : “ if one day Emily is on the top of the charts, it will be because of her talent only”. This is why Emily would certainly reply that she also owes much of her success to the friendship and support of John McLaughlin. Ever since he discovered her on a stage on the Côte d'Azur, the founder of the Mahavishnu Orchestra has consistently praised the one he already considers "A star.” 

"She has an extraordinary voice, superb. 

She has it all! An inner and outer beauty. She can sing everything. "

Emily appreciates that the compliment is immense coming from an artist with such a career. Emily has now performed several times in studio and in live shows with John. Did he not play next to Bowie, with the Rolling Stones, Carlos Santana, Miles Davis or Jeff Beck? Did he not shine in the firmament of jazz-rock, write some of the most beautiful pages of world music with Mahavishnu Orchestra and Shakti, the two groups he founded? He is more than a musician; He is a Legend!

A positive influence

John’s relationship with Emily is more than beautiful. It is strong, sincere and much more than words.   He has not hesitated to propel her to the front of the stage, offering her to share the spotlights of a great Monegasque charity gala MAP event. Even better , John invited Emily to cross the Atlantic to join Narada Michael Walden, the former drummer of the Mahavishnu Orchestra who dropped his barrels to become one of the great American producers. "John has opened up new horizons for me," says Emily. This is why for me; he is not only a friend but also my Light. 

The Light, as I sing in one of the tracks of my upcoming album that I wrote and dedicated to him “

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